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About Socialism Today

Socialism Today is the monthly magazine of the Socialist Party (England and Wales). With an extensive worldwide readership, we provide up-to-date analysis, from a socialist perspective, of events in Britain and internationally. Our articles and reports are written by socialists participating in struggles of workers, young people, women, students, and minorities.

Contemporary events, the crisis in global capitalism, workers’ movements, anti-capitalist resistance, women’s rights, anti-racist campaigns, environmental issues, can all be found in our pages. The magazine discusses key ideological and political issues, covers Marxist theory and history, and reviews books, films and art.

Socialism Today opposes capitalism, a system of global economic exploitation and political oppression, based on market anarchy and the greedy pursuit of profit by big corporations and the super-rich.

Socialism Today advocates the socialist transformation of society through democratic mass struggle. We stand for international economic planning and socialist democracy, so that society can satisfy the needs of the overwhelming majority and will no longer be the property of a small minority of exploiters. We propose perspectives, programme, and strategy needed to bring about this radical change.

The magazine is published by the Socialist Party (England and Wales), a section of the Committee for a Workers’ International, which has parties or groups in over 30 countries.

The Socialist Party also publishes a weekly newspaper, The Socialist


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